Use of Glass-Ceramic material in induction cooktops

Glass ceramic material for induction cooktops

If you are planning to buy an induction cooktop, then you will come across the concept of using glass ceramic material in most of the induction cooktops. The main benefit of using the glass ceramic material is they help with stand very high temperatures and are very resistant to high amount of forces exerted by cooking vessels.

How does glass ceramic material work?

The glass ceramic materials in induction cooktops work on the basis of combined action of amorphous and crystalline properties of the material. The properties of both are brought out and creates advantage. The ceramic material provides strength to the glass material. The different properties like toughness, strength and lot more properties.

Production of Glass-Ceramic

  • The first step in producing the glass ceramic is production of glass that is suitable for the process.
  • After the glass is cooled down, it is further again reheated
  • Ceramic materials is added

Advantages of glass ceramic

  • They can withstand much larger temperature up to 1000 degree celcius.
  • Forces exerted by cookwares, pans and vessels can be easily handled.
  • Much more easier to clean
  • The surface has better heat conduction, hence remains cooler.
  • The glass ceramic material used not the induction cooktop is very transparent, hence looking amazing.


  • The surface of the ceramic nayeria can get scratched easily when they are in the process of being cleaned.
  • Cooling pans or vessels should not be slid over the surface of cooktop to avoid damage or scratches.


Thus we can conclude that the upsides of ceramic glass based materials used in induction cooktops outweighs the downsides. The use of ceramic glass materials started a long time ago and these days the use of it is ever increasing. Hence it is recommended to go with cooktops having ceramic materials.