Top 10 Best Ceiling Fans of 2020 in India – Complete Guide

The one common thing you find in all the Indian households are ceiling fans. There is no house in India in these modern times without a ceiling fan.

Among these millions and millions of ceiling fans in India, there is a constant need to upgrade the existing fans due diminishing performance. Whether you are looking for a upgrade or to buy ceiling fans for your brand new home, this is the article you need to refer.

With our informative guide you can easily come to know the best ceiling fans in the Indian market right now. Also get to know all the advanced tips required to select the ceiling fan of your choice.

The design and mechanisms that are incorporated into the ceiling fans have changed drastically in last few years. With better design and power saving features in combination with technical advancement, ceiling fans have definitely evolved.

Top Ceiling Fans In India 2018

After careful research we have come up with this list of ceiling fans which excel in all the criteria set by us. We believe these are the current best ceiling fans available pan India on online platforms.

1. Havells Nicola 1200mm ceiling fan

The one of the most reliable electronics brands in India is Havells because of their emphasis on quality. Havells Nicola ceiling fans are made up of aluminium material. Aluminium helps them keep rust free appearance throughout their lifetime. The main aspect that makes this fan powerful is its high power 65 watt motor. These fans have great combination of colors, which will blend amazingly with your home. Design of this fan absolutely 21st century, with marvelous trims and corners.

Havells Nicola ceiling fan

The motor of this fan runs at speed of 280 rpm, thus delivering 250 cmm of air made of copper. This fan is very easy to clean, along with its metallic paint makes look even better. A warranty of 2 years is provided for this product which will ensure that your product remains serviced in-case of problems.


  • Gold
  • Brown
  • Off-white
  • Bronze copper
  • Gold mist copper
  • Pearl ivory


  • 68 watt powerful motor
  • Contemporary design
  • Good finis
  • Greater cooling and speed
  • Lesser noise

Why should you buy?

As you have already read the review, Havells Nicola ceiling fan is top quality product along with best ceiling fan tag currently in the market. Because of their high efficiency and modern design with aluminium material to keep it rust free surely makes it the contender in the segment.

2. Gorilla energy saving ceiling fan with remote control

Gorilla is brand that has produced this revolutionary ceiling fan which consumes lowest power among all the ceiling fans. This ceiling is little bit on a premium side considering its high price tag. It includes a remote through which you can control different settings of the ceiling fan. The main advantage of this fan is its brushless DC motor ensures no heat loss and increasing the ceiling fans stability, longetivity thereby giving a performance that will exist a notch above other ceiling fans. The motor consumes only a power of 28 watts at maximum speed and the fan has been rated 5 star in terms of its power saving ability. There are a wide range of colours that accompany this category for ceiling fan. This ceiling fan runs high speed of 350 rpm.

Gorilla ceiling fan

Gorilla ceiling fan has a exclusive warranty of 3 years, which is significantly higher than other similar ceiling fans. This fan due to its lower power consumption features runs 3 times longer on battery powered inverters. The wide range of colours along with amazing design of ceiling fan will make it look amazing on any room.


  • Ivory
  • Matt brown
  • White
  • Earth brown
  • Sand grey
  • Matte black


  • Lowest power consumption of 28 watts
  • Less noise
  • Brushless DC motor
  • Less heating
  • Remote features include sleep mode, booster mode and timer settings

Why should you buy?

The main reason to Gorilla range of ceiling fans is due to its incredible power saving capacity. This ceiling fan will last longer on your inverter than normal ceiling fans. Another reason to choose this ceiling fan is its extended warranty along with wide range of colour options.

3. Orient Electric Apex-Fx 1200mm Ceiling fan

Orient Electronic is another widely recognized and reputed brand in India. This fan works on a powerful 78-watt motor which delivers air at a speed of 200 m3/mm with a cmm of 2.5/watt which makes really good. The length of the rod is 206 mm which gives the fan sufficient clearance from the ceiling. The motor is really reliable and is made up of standard copper material. This ceiling fan rotates at a speed of 350 RPM(rate per minute). The design is very simple and it is suitable for most of the households. Material used for the bottom of the fan comprises of aluminium and blades are also made of aluminium material.

Orient electric Apex-Fx ceiling fan

This fan since it only consumes a power of 78 watts it works very well with inverters. The ceiling fan is designed such way that it emits minimum noise throughout the room. The warranty for this ceiling ranges for a period of 2 years. The efficient copper motor ensures that the fan operates smoothly at all the speeds.


  • White
  • Brown


  • less noisy
  • 78-watt powerful motor
  • 2 year warranty
  • Cheaper costwise

Why should you buy?

Orient electric Apex-FX 1200 mm electric fan is perfect choice because it is a budget oriented, simple designed ceiling fan. It does not only offer an attractive price tag but also is very efficient. This ceiling fan runs smoothly on all speeds and is very easy on inverter’s making thier battery last longer.

4. Crompton Hill Brix 1200mm

Crompton is has a solid reputation in the electronics industry. The Crompton hill Brix is a 1200mm ceiling fan with a powerful 75 watt motor. This is a budget fan with simple elegant design and looks. This fan can suit any environment due to single colour simple design. Hence it is suitable for all the homes in India. The powerful motor is made of double ball bearing. The double ball bearing will ensure that the fan runs smooth, emitting much lesser noise. In terms of its speed characteristics, Crompton hill Brix runs at a speed of 370 rpm. Also the 3 aluminium blades attached to the fans ribbed aluminium base make it last longer.

The overall design and use of aluminium blades delivers maximum air all over the place. The hanging hook is also very durable and overall structure is strong. Warranty of 2 years are is provided for this product.


  • Ivory
  • Brown
  • Opal white


  • Powerful 75-watt motor
  • Lesser noise
  • 3 different colours
  • Good clearance
  • Easy to clean

Why should you buy?

This ceiling fan must be considered if you are looking for a simple fan with simple colours. The edge these fans offer are tremendous because they are priced perfectly and extends good customer support. Hence Crompton hill Brix is a must buy option if you are looking for low a budget ceiling fan.

5. Jupiter bldc ceiling fan

Jupiter is another brushless DC motor ceiling fan. The main features of this ceiling fan are power saving brushless 25 watt dc motor and 3 blades. The 25 watt motor is one of the most energy efficient brushless dc motors and can save a lot of power in the long run. This will significantly reduce the electricity bill, eventually saving you a ton of money. The technology that is incorporated into this ceiling fan will reduce noise when it runs on inverter. The design of this ceiling fan is wonderful for any kind of home decor.

The warranty for this fan is for a duration of 3 years which is really good and assures you for the long term. There is a remote included in this fan that has features like timer which can be set according to your needs. The reverse mode is particularly important during winter, helping air travel in the reverse direction.


Royal Ivory


  • 25 watt brushless DC motor
  • 3 years warranty for the product
  • Less noise
  • Perfect for modern homes

Why should you buy?

This fan is advanced in technology and will save you a lot of power in the long run. It is has remote control with a plethora of features to help perform different functions.

6. Usha striker galaxy 1200mm ceiling fan

Usha striker galaxy is quite an upper end ceiling fan which is suitable for all the modern home designs. It is available in variety of colours to suit different decors. The Usha striker galaxy fan runs on a 80-watt motor to give it an optimal speed of 385 rpm. Fan blades are aerodynamically designed to with high lift angle for farther spread of air. Superior grade electric steel lamination provides longer life to the ceiling fan. Ball bearings called V2 grade ball bearings are used to provide super quite noise free running. Lacquer metallic paint improves it’s aesthetic characteristics. It performs well with inverters and low voltage conditions.

Usha striker galaxy

The warranty of 2 years is provided for this product. The motor is made of copper coils and the fan blades are made of aluminium material. This fan is absolutely rust free and here for the long run.


  • Bright gold
  • Corn silk
  • Pearl white chrome
  • Silver sage
  • Ultramarin blue


  • 80-watt powerful motor
  • Good turning speed
  • Runs extremely well on inverters
  • High quality material

Why should you buy?

If you are building a room with a good decor then this fan certainly be the one. With its modern elegant looks and good performance, you will surely be not disappointed.

7. Bajaj New Bahar 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Bajaj Bahar is another innovatively designed ceiling fan, that can be used for different decors. The design is absolutely unique and is very good for simple lifestyle. Bajaj Bahar ceiling fan is made of 80 watt powerful motor running at a speed of 380 rpm, so that you may receive maximum air output. High quality superior ball bearing incorporated into this fan provides whisper quiet operation so that you can relax in a peaceful environment. The blades are ribbed with great design. The blades are made of high quality aluminum material. There us rust free coating, so that none of this ceiling fans parts rust.

This great product with modern looks with efficient motor, the fan can work easily on inverters. The warranty of 2 years is provided for this product. It has good lamination for extended life and efficient power consumption.


  • White
  • Brown


  • 73 watt powerful motor
  • Rust free coating
  • Efficient operation
  • Noise free due to ball bearings
  • Ribbed blades

Why should you buy?

Bajaj Bahar ceiling fan is great for modern simple lifestyle. This only comes in two colours so that it suits most of the needs. It is a total value for money product due to attractive price tag.

8. Luminous Morpheus 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Luminous Morpheus is one of the cheapest best ceiling fans in India. It looks almost luxurious in terms of design despite its low price tag. The motor is made of 75-watt power consumption capacity. The operating voltage for the motor is 240 volts. Luminous Morpheus ceiling fans are suitable for modern looking homes. It doesn’t make any noise due to the presence of double ball bearings. The fan blades are made of aluminium material and pure copper winding is used for its motor.

Luminous Morpheus ceiling fan

The warranty for this fan is for a duration of 1 year which quite low when compared to other fans. But this ceiling fan is offered at a much more lower price.


  • Brown
  • White
  • Ivory


  • 75-watt super motor
  • warranty for period of 1 year
  • Great modern design
  • Noise free running

Why should you buy?

Luminous Morpheus ceiling fan give you the exact modern luxurious look that you were looking for in an budget ceiling fan. This fan can considerably increase the beauty of your room or overall home.

9. Crompton HS plus ceiling fan

Crompton HS is from a reputed company called Crompton as we have already mentioned earlier. It is a very power efficient fan because it works on 53 -watt motor. The design is one of the most simplest and basic. This design is good for simple homes and basic lifestyle. The fan has double ball bearing to emit as less noise as possible. The speed is not compromised due to low power consumption, it runs at a Speed of 320 rpm. This fan is highly reliable and delivers greater amount of air all over the room. The ceiling fan speed is fully adjustable and is available in variety of colours.

This fan is labelled BE 5 star rating due to incredible performance in power saving. The warranty for 2 years is provided for this product. Rooms having monotonous or single colour will look perfect for this type of ceiling fan.


  • White
  • Ivory
  • Brown


  • 53-watt powerful motor
  • 1200 area sweep
  • Very less noise
  • Power saving motor

Why should you buy?

One of the main reasons to buy this ceiling fan is due to very low power consumption capability. This will ensure that the power bills stay lower and will work very nicely on inverters.

10. Singer aerostar solo ceiling fan

Singer is another popular Indian company that manufactures various products. Also the Singer aerostar ceiling fan is upto to the mark with any other ceiling fan. This fan has an powerful motor of 75 watts which is the exact amount for power required to deliver a huge quantity of air around the room. The power produced by the fan dishes out a speed of 390 rpm. Aluminium die cast body ensures excellent dimensions on the fan. The fan is powder coated thus making it resistant to rust and remains coloured for longer duration of time. There are double ball bearings included in this fan that keep its operation noise free and smooth running. The design of this fan looks impressive for its low price tag.

The warranty for the product is for a duration of 2 years. Installation service is provided by company which can be availed by calling their service number. This fan can be suitable for any decor since it lands somewhere in the middle of modern.


  • Ivory
  • Brown


  • 75-watt string motor
  • Good warranty and service
  • Rust free
  • Noise free operation
  • Double ball bearing

Why should you buy?

Singer aerostar is a budget electric ceiling fan which looks good with almost all the decors. The warranty and great service from the company will help maintain your fan for many years to come.

How to choose the best Ceiling fan?

Here are some useful tips that need to be considered before buying a ceiling fan.

1. Check whether design and color matches the room decor

This is considered one of the main factors before buying any ceiling. You need to make sure that the ceiling fan matches the decor of your home. If it doesn’t match it can really look absurd and weird in the room. Most of the ceiling fan variants have multiple colors of the same product which will help you plan better. The ceiling fan designs range from very simple to trendy complex which will suit all the ideas that you may have. Some of the light colored ceiling fans have to be cleaned from time to time, so that they do not carry excessive dust. Choosing darker colored fans can help in reducing the cleaning efforts required.

2. Material of blades

The quality of the blades need to be taken into due consideration because the good quality blades will last longer. The good quality blades are made of rust proof aluminium material, so that they remain rust free for a longer time. If the blades are not made of rust free materials then they will surely rust and corrode. This is true especially in coastal areas where humidity content of the air is very high. There are different kinds of blades apart from aluminium which can be noteworthy, since they will bring down the overall cost of the ceiling fans.

3. Motor

Some of the motors that are used in ceiling fans emit a lot of noise. Hence proper fans with best motors must be selected. If you are reading this article then we have already done this for you above. There different types of motors one of them is brushed DC motor which much more power efficient and noise free compared to traditional Motors.

4. Advanced fans

Technology is rapidly changing as different hanged are being applied to all the major household appliances. The ceiling fans have remote controls these days with various options such as timers and reverse flow direction. These will be helpful if you want to wake up early or set correct air flow during the winters. If you have higher budget and are not willing to compromise anything for your modern home then you can truly opt for these fans. These fans are just slightly priced above normal ceiling fans.

5. No of blades

No of blades is crucial factor while choosing the ceiling fan for most of the ceiling fans because, it greatly effects the air delivery of the ceiling fan. The 4 blade are costlier than 3 blade fans and the air delivery is not perfect in them. The power consumption is greater in 4 blade fans due to the requirement for a bigger motor. 4 blade than 3 blade fans, you buy 4 blade fans if you have got that extra cash.

How does the ceiling fan work?

A ceiling fans date as back as 1860 and first originated in the USA. First only water was used to run the ceiling fans. Now ceiling fans are run due to the current passed by the capacitor which is attached to the motor. The capacitor supplies the current to the motor winding’s. The motor winding’s will cause the magnetic force which exerts a clockwise force on the winding’s. The motor spins to the action of magnetic force which is eventually transferred or the ceiling fan.

The ceiling fans use induction motor to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. The main task to start the fan initially is performed by the capacitor a cylindrical device installed on the fan. The remaining part of the work is done automatically due to the magnetic force generated by the coils. Thus the single most important task the ceiling does is convert the electrical energy into mechanical energy.

The ceiling fan does not cool the air, but the cooling sensation is achieved due to the action of air on the human skin. The breeze generated by the ceiling fan evaporates the sweat on our body thus causing the cooling effect.

Final word

The ceiling fans listed above are the best ceiling fans in India right now. Anyone can buy any of the ceiling fans listed above without any hesitation. These fans deliver air perfectly spread-out evenly across your room, giving you the optimum experience. Selecting a good ceiling fan requires them matching your room and your budget. We would suggest you to buy havells nicola fan if you are looking for normal fan. Gorilla power saving fan is good consideration if you are looking for unique modern fan. Ultimately selecting and purchasing a ceiling fan depends on your home decor along with other functional aspects that you might expect.