Best dog food brands in India 2018 – Dog food reviews

Many families in India have dogs in their homes, so the majority of them are dogs of different exotic breeds. These dogs need a lot of care but need special attention in terms of what they are being fed. We will help you the best dog food brand In India that is perfect for your dog.

According to Wikipedia dog food is food made specifically for the consumption of dogs. Feeding your pet dog with dog food is very important to maintain and long last its health but so that it also gets all its nutritional requirements fulfilled. Feeding you dog with healthy and quality dog food gives it strong bones, healthier skin, hair, strong teeth and lot more.

Here are the reviews of best dog food and its brands in India

We have taken into consideration all the factors before reviewing the top dog foods and their respective brands associated with them. We have listed the following products based on ratings and opinions.

1. Pedigree Dog food review

Pedigree is the No. 1 dog food company in the world and favorite choice of dog owners across the planet, they offer the best quality and nutritious dog food than any other company out there. With all the top quality ingredients, this is the best dog food that you may need. Pedigree is one of the top rated dog food brands in India. Pedigree provides complete nourishment to your dog by their dog food which is approved by experts.


  1. Top quality ingredients
  2. Pedigree has one of highest factory standards
  3. There is no artificial colouring or flavouring
  4. Quality checks on the product
  5. This dry dog food contains a healthy blend of Omega 6 and Zinc
  6. Enhances immunity
  7. Protein present in this makes muscles strong

Pedigree is the top dog food in the market with top reviews and ratings from customers. Lot of people who buy pedigree continue to buy pedigree and are very satisfied with its quality.

There are three types of pedigree dog food

Pedigree has categorized its dog food into different types based on its constituents and nutrients

1.) Pedigree Puppy Dog Food Chicken & Milk

This dog food is meant for the puppies so that they get the right nutrition. This pedigree puppy food has milk included in it for the healthy growth of puppies. This dog food is good for digestion and provides the balanced diet. This dog food is all that the puppies need so that they get the right amount of nutrients for their fast growth.

2.) Pedigree Adult Dog Food Chicken & Vegetables

This food is meant for adult dogs, it has chicken and vegetables in it so that your dog always remains healthy. Veggies prevents fat formation in dogs and keeps balance if you rotate this food with other heavy meaty type dog foods

3.) Pedigree Adult Dog Food Meat & Rice

This variety of pedigree dog food contains meat and rice which can very for the growth of the dog. This pedigree meat and rice dog food has all the essential nutrients, vitamins. This high-quality dry dog food gives your dog a balanced diet and is also good for your pet’s teeth, fur, bones, digestive tract, muscles and immunity.

We recommend buying all three types of food and repeating them one after the other to maintain proper balance for the dog.

2.) Drools Adult Dog Food Chicken and Egg

Drools is another top dog food brand with a wide range of dog foods but we have selected the best drools dog for review here. This type of dog food consists of different types such as adult, puppy this dog food is cheaper so that you can buy more of it.


  1. Better skin and coat
  2. Better digestion for the dog and high on digestible ingredients.
  3. Tartar control
  4. Healthier joints
  5. Enriched with prebiotics

Drools dog food is cheaper than any other dog food out there in the market. Buy 15 kg of drools dog food and get 3 kg of drools dog food absolutely free Click the link below

Other types of drools dog food

Drools Optimum Performance Adult 20 Kg

Drools Optimum Performance Adult

This food is for adult dogs with 20 kg pack that is cheap and best than other costly dog foods. This dog food is very nutritious and very healthy for dogs.

3.Royal Canin Maxi

Royal canine is a complete dog food for your dog specifically for large breed dogs that weigh 26 to 44 kg and more than 15 months old.Royal canine also has junior and maxi starter foods for young dogs. This food promotes good digestibility and it is very healthy and helps your dog grow faster

  1. Good for bones and joints
  2. Promotes good palatability due to its great flavouring
  3. Good for digestion due to balanced protein and dietary fiber
  4. Omega 3 fatty acids to maintain a healthy skin.

there are different types royal canin dog food

1.Royal Canin Maxi Junior

This dog food is a complete dog feed for large breed puppies (adult weight from 26 to 44 kg) up to 15 months old. This food is an exclusive combination of nutrients to support optimal digestive security (LIP proteins) and a balanced intestinal, flora it also has prebiotics which also contributes to good stool quality.

2.Royal Canin Labrador Junior

Royal Canin Labrador Junior

Royal Canin labrador junior is food specially made for labrador retriever puppies, this food has a speca lformula that helps support labrador retriever puppies natural defences. This food supports a balance in intestinal flora and helps in easy digestion.

3.Royal Canin Maxi Adult

Royal Canin Maxi Adult

This food is mainly for large breed dogs, that is adult dogs, this food has high palatability that satisfies the appetite of large breed dogs due to carefully selected flavourings and combinations.

4. Chappi Adult Dog Food review

Chappi Adult Dog Food Chicken & Rice

Chappi is another brand which specializes in dog food. This dog is healthy and very good for the pet’s health, but this brand is not well known in India.

  1. No red meat, egg’s and soya added to this food
  2. Easy digestion due to combination of dietary fibre and low fat
  3. Trusted Pedigree brand
  4. Rich in white fish which is an excellent source of protein.

Factors to be considered before selecting the dog food

These are some of the factors you should consider before buying the best dog food from the market

1.Age of dog

There so many different types of dog foods in the market but many companies manufacture different dog food for dogs of different ages puppies need milk in their food for growth so there separate food for puppies and for adults.

2. Breed

Many dog food brands manufacture specific types of dog food for all types of dogs, but few brands manufacture dog food based on breeds like pug, labrador etc.

3. Ingredients

Dog foods contain different types of ingredients like chicken, eggs, vegetables, meat, fish and lot more. Therefore as a dog owner, you should select the food which is recommended by doctors or pet care specialists. Although dogs can be fed with any dog food because everything is made for dogs.

How to Introduce your Dog to Dog Food

If you have a dog that is not familiar with the dog food taste it might not eat the dog food at the first place, However if you mix the dog food with ordinary food you serve daily can make your dog accustomed to dog food. You can mix half of daily ordinary food you serve your dog with half dog food so that your dog can get used to the new dog food.

Benefits of Feeding dog food to dogs

There are huge benefits of feeding dog food to you lovely dogs because it is very much essential to satisfy their day to day requirements.

1.Health Benefits

Feeding dog food to dogs regularly can enhance their activity so that they remain energetic always. It can also make their bones and joints remain stronger, lower fat buildup. Dog food helps dogs get better immunity from diseases.

2. Easy to digest

Feeding your dog with quality dog food can help him/her digest food very easily because dog food contains all the required things that are needed for proper digestion.

3. Better Excretion

Dog food which is good in fiber must be fed to the dogs so that the excretion or passing of stools in the morning’s or during a walk can be done with ease.

4. Better skin and hair growth

Dog food is a combination of protein rich food, some of the dog foods also contain vegetables that will help in the better growth of fur and skin.

5. Makes them active and strong

Dog food makes your dog very active, strong and lets them live a long life.


So we hope that you liked our reviews and selection of top best dog food brands in India, We hope that this article has helped you decide on which is the best dog food brand in India. We recommend you to go with Pedigree , because it is the best dog food brand in India.

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