Best Bike Chain Clean Sprays in India 2018

We all know the importance of cleaning the bike chain before bike chain lubricant is applied. Bike chain cleaning sprays have made our task of cleaning bike chain even easier and hassle free.

Bike chain clean sprays have special chlorine free formula to immediately cleanse the chain. Bike chain clean sprays are rising in popularity rapidly, because they are crucial for long rides. The bikers can re-grease their chains during long rides.

Chain cleaner will completely clean your bikes chain removing all the dirt even from corners of the chain. This will also help you to check for any defects on the in the chain. Cleaning the chain using conventional methods is an uphill task and takes longer time. Hence chain cleaning sprays come into the picture.

Best bike chain clean sprays

After careful selection we have this list of best bike chain clean sparys available in India. These chain clean sprays can be used to clean all the motor cycles be it royal enfield to speed bikes and normal bikes.

1.Motul C1 chain clean

Motul C1 chain clean

Motul chain clean is the best chain clean spray in the market right now. It has all the properties needed to give you a cleans chain. The chlorine free formula removes all the dirt and dust.

Special features

  • Thus spray significantly improves the life of motorcycles
  • Can be used to clean all kinds of motorcycles
  • Removes encrusted deposits such as sand, earth and oil

2. 3M chain cleaner

3M chain cleaner

3M is another popular chain clean brand and is one of the top chain clean brands in India. This spray works perfectly with all types of bikes.

Special features

  • Gives great penetration into the chains
  • Safeguards chain from rust and corrosion
  • Enables silent smooth movement of chain
  • Safe for chains with rubber o rings and other rubbers
  • Dissolves dirt and grit easily

3. Loopwipe eco-friendly bike chain cleaner

Loopwipe eco-friendly bike chain cleaner

Loopwipe is another famous bike chain cleeaning spary popular with bikers. It is easy to carry since it’s compact and works very effectively.

Special features

  • Eco-friendly chain clean spray
  • Removes all the tough stains and grime from the chain
  • It is absolutely safe for all types of chains
  • Works and safe for all types of bikes.

How to apply?

Shake well before use and spray on the dirty chain from a few inches of distance.

Final Word

We have listed the best bike chain cleaners in India. Chain clean sprays are available in different varieties and price range. We would like to recommend motul brands of bike chain cleaners.